Ray Ford - Experience Acupuncturist Sydney Australia

Ray Ford

Senior Acupuncturist RAY FORD has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine for over 25 years. After graduating from college and practicing for several years he successfully completed a post graduate diploma in clinical acupuncture at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

Continuing his studies in China, Ray learnt from and worked alongside some of the most experienced and skillful practitioners in Asia. He has trained in all aspects of Chinese medicine but has chosen to specialize in acupuncture. Ray has also been fortunate enough to have gained invaluable experience and knowledge from treating many thousands of people with a wide range of health problems for over twenty years.

Ray is a government registered agent. Since 2013 all acupuncturists have to be registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). He opened the first Experience Acupuncture centre in 2008 with the vision of bringing high quality treatments to the public at an affordable price.

Senior Specialist GREG DOYLE - Experience Acupuncturist Sydney Australia

Greg Doyle

Senior Specialist GREG DOYLE has been in practice since 1987 after graduating from full time study, including a three month internship at the Red Cross Hospital in Hangzhou, China.

He has studied in China with recognised masters of Chinese medicine and completed a Masters degree (University of Technology, Sydney 2001) in the advanced application of Chinese herbal medicine to complex health conditions.

Although Greg has treated a vast array of conditions with Chinese Medicine, his speciality lies in the areas ranging from infertility, gynaecological and digestive disorders to musculoskeletal and sports injuries.

Celia Raya - Experience Acupuncturist Sydney Australia

Celia Raya

Celia graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a member of AACMA. She is a government registered practitioner (APRAH).

Celia is a dedicated and passionate practitioner with a wide variety of experience in acupuncture. She has extensive experience in Japanese style Acupuncture, which is a gentle non-invasive style of needling.

One of her special interests is helping patients to conceive naturally and in combination with IVF. She has considerable experience in this area. Another area which Celia has extensive experience in is muscolo-skeletal pain dysfunction.

Thomas Wakim

Thomas Wakim